Wilmington Women Called Police on Kwanzaa Celebration 24 Hours Before People Are There

On Saturday the 29th, A Wilmington women called police on a Kwanzaa Celebration at the Wilmington Public Library, 24 hours before the event was slated to start. Much to the confusion of the 75 police men on site at the time of the call. When asked Why so many police where called in on a random report appeared, a officer who wished to remain un-named stated “When 40 year old white women call, they make it sound as if the world is ending and we have to come, or get sued on the off chance she isn’t overselling”. My New Feed Center requested comment from Chief of Police Robert J. Tracy, who has not responded to our request for comment. Karen H.A. Williamson, however, did and offered to talk more in great detail.

MNFC sat down with Ms. Williamson in an exclusive one on one Interview at her Highlands Neighborhood Mansion.

Karen Williamson Standing outside her Highlands Neighborhood Home


Thank You for sitting down with us

The pleasure is all mine!

What does the H.A. in your name stand for?

Hayan Amkae(Editors Note: through our research we discovered that Havan Amkae roughly translates to White Bitch in Korean), when i was younger I met a guru as I was backpacking through South Korea. and while I stayed with him and his congregation , he said that this was my Chi name and taking it as a middle name would center my chi! And ever since I stayed with them, even 10 years after, I have had a constant burning sensation since my initiation, the mans work was magical!

If I may, what happened during the ceremony?

I don’t remember! I signed a …something or another form begain with a Con-something


That’s it! Then I took a drink they provided and as I fell into a mystic trance, he told me my Chi name. I woke up next morning in a different room wrapped only in a sheet.

Wow…um…that’s…ugh…so um..powerful……moving on…Would you…mind explaining what lead you to calling the police?

Yes of course! I was scrolling through Facebook on the day I called about to update my Vaccine-Autism Awareness Page and I saw a Kwanzaa Celebration pop up in my feed.

Where you working in or around the library at the time?

Oh Goodness no, I would never be caught there, and I do not work on the Weekend especially Sunday.

Then Ms. Williamson, if I may, where where you when you made the complaint?



Yes Why would anyone leave the house on a Sunday afternoon?


The only people who work on weekends are lazy people who have not worked hard enough, and if you work Sunday you are Unchristian.

Erm…I believe we are getting off track, why did you feel the need to make this report?

Unchristian holidays have no purpose in this city, I don’t want my daughter to grow up influenced by the devil.

And what was your daughters name?

Rainbow-Light Williamson

…Thank you for your time

The Kwanzaa Celebration is proceeding as planned and Doors open 6p.m. December 30th 2019. Come and enjoy the festivities. Wilmington Women Called Police on Kwanzaa Celebration 24 Hours Before People Are There this is My News Feed Center, Reporting.

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