Incels & Neckbeards In Uproar: Backlash to Premium Snapchat Price Raise

Joey McDowell is a Blogger based out of Akron, Michigan. He joined me via Zoom to talk, not about his My Little Pony Blog or his Beanie Baby Collection, but about the geo-politics and escalating conflict between what he calls “Trashy Women” & “Men of Class”. Specifically the Premium Snapchat Price Raise.

Premium Snapchat Price Raise

Joey McDowell in his “Private Domicile” at his Akron home, Michigan

After r/Incel community started reporting Premium Snapchats to the IRS in Mid-Late 2018, many women lost their livelihood as a result. This past Monday, Premium Snap Owners(PSO) formed a unified front against the r/Incel effort by raising the price of their subscription by $5 across the board.

McDowell is furious at this new development. “It’s Extortion”, “It’s Wrong”, “They canNOT get away with this”. Jina Carter, a Private Snap Owner, says otherwise. “We are just making a living doing something that is in high demand, and people pay for”. Jina had to pay a large sum in back taxes that she was unwilling to disclose to us, She also was reported by an unnamed individual to the IRS back in September of 2018.

“We are just making a living doing something that is in high demand, and people pay for”

“This price hike will allow women like me to pay bills, keep our life styles, and keep accountants on retainer” Ms.Carter Also had choice words to say to r/Incel. “If you want to

Jina Carter runs a Premium Snapchat to pay the bills and runs an online Etsy Store on the Side

get laid, put deodorant on, dress nice, and don’t threaten to rape us when we say “no”. It really is that simple.” Joey is unconvinced. “This “Unionization” is unamerican and stupid. $5 was plenty, how much do you need to pay for batteries for your vibrator???” We asked if he was still subscribed to a Premium Snaps, Joey said “I could never not be with Madam Andy, other whores don’t get it, but Madam Andy Does, Shes Different”

Premium Snap Owners have not reported any lost revenue for the decision, instead industry reports appear to show a 100% growth in revenue. It seems like This is a win for these women in the short term. We may see a rebuttal from the r/Incel Community in the future.


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