Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Gritty Vore Fetish Unveiled

In the wake of his recent assault of a minor at a flyers game, Mascot Gritty has come under more fire after a cell phone in his possession contained Vore fetish pornography. A personal mobile device that belonged to the orange monster’s was found outside Atomic Comics on South Street in Philadelphia Wednesday evening. The phone was provided by a self described “Tri Gendered Frost Scaile” named Omen.

Image result for blue scalie costume
Omen @ Philadelphia Comic-Con(thanks to Omen for sending this to us after the fact)

Omen was willing to comment but refused to talk face to face as he preferred to stay as his “True Self.” Omen claimed he was saddened that a Philadelphia icon like Gritty was into something as disgusting as Vore. “I just don’t know how you can be interested in things like that.” Our interview was cut short unfortunately, due to Omen having a appointment at a party he was attending.

A tweet that has since been deleted, courtesy: WayBackMachine

Other Signs of Gritty’s obscenity can be seen from his old tweets that have since been deleted. Apparently the Mascot has a track record of posting personal tweets on official channels. When asked for comment after leaving Pub Webb in north philly, all Gritty had to say was “Blagh brurgh gLOrrok”. While Gritty’s future with the team is still uncertain, The Flyers team itself future looks promising.


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