Classism: Woke Culture’s One Inclusivity Failure

Classism: Woke Culture’s One Inclusivity Failure by My News Feed Center – I feel like woke culture has done a lot to help move the Overton Window to the left. That homophobic women who changed her vote from Mayor Pete in the 2020 Iowa Caucus(D) is a remnant of a time past, most people don’t care about peoples personal lives anymore, and the music, art, and literature that has blossomed out of black culture has made American culture more rich and intricate.

But there is something brewing in woke culture that bothers me, and its a culmination of a few things…Boycotts, Canceling/Shamming, and The Progressive Bubble. I will extrapolate on each below:(Note: I am separating Boycotts & Canceling based on Boycotts are for products/companies/services while canceling are for individuals)


Boycotts have been a effective way to force large bodies who serve the mighty dollar to bend to change. We all took history we can think of at least one or two. But as to why Boycotts are classist, you have to consider that, if say AT&T gave discretion to hiring managers on whether or not to hire a trans person based on that fact and not on their merits, We would be up in arms…here is the problem with that. If you live in certain areas, AT&T might be all you have as far as ISP options go and here is the inherent problem with some boycotts in 2020.

Corporate consolidation, now we can debate on whether or not the abundance of monopolies is the result of government being to small or to big but the reality is that for a lot of products in America there is no other option. And just because you can use your data all day long to tweet how bad AT&T is, some people have data caps and cannot afford the penalties that come with going above it.


Y’all Remember Kevin Spacey? The POS Pedo who forced himself on people? Well after the prosecution’s star witness died, He walked. I don’t think anyone is crying over Kevin Spacey, in fact I think the only people who are crying are crying over what he did to House of Cards. Why do I bring this up. Because Kevin Spacey can go downgrade his home, put his millions in an S&P 500 Fund and never work another day in his life. A mom with two kids who was on twitter at 10:30pm after drinking a half of boxed wine does not have that luxury.

Now, There should be social repercussions for being an asshole, and we are seeing people change their tune so they don’t lose everything over a tweet. But the fact that a monster will never go hungry and an idiot will starve with her two kids should rub at you the wrong way.

The Bubble

I live near University of Delaware which can be best described as two slices of Wonderbread with Hellmann’s Mayo in between, and Haven, the LGBTQ Club tended to be place where instead of helping queerlings blossom into their sexuality and/or gender identity, members just talk about themselves. As liberal as this student body may be, what i have come to notice about it and the Progressive Bubble it represents, is that white liberals love to talk about inclusivity, equality, rights, but don’t treat people in these protected groups like people…they treat them like tokens, like trophy’s they can show to other while liberals to display how progressive they are.

There is a reason why most of my friends & associates, despite the majority of which being liberal and/or a Democrat, do not associate with people in the bubble, how can we relate to people who have cars given to them, People who’s parents neglected to instill a work ethic,who either do not have or don’t have to worry about thousands of dollars of student loans.

Now I am well aware This bit of the article sounds like the type of garbage that comes out of the mouths of talking dickheads like Ben Shapiro, But even I, Someone who has a emotional stake in Social Justice, have to admit that upper class little rich liberal kids can’t truly understand what helps the poor because they are just as detached as the corrupt conservative business men and politicians who we decry for their apathy. I’ll take someone from Northside as a partner over someone from Hockessin any day.

Classism: Woke Culture’s One Inclusivity Failure

Is this more important then fighting the alt right? I would say no. BUT what I have seen is less and less of my fellow progressives learning economics, learning how government works, and neglecting the reason the great progressives of old got elected…Economics. We as a movement need to shift part of our energy back to economic progressivism, because while social justice issues are undoubtedly important, we can’t push those through unless we get people who care about growing their bank account on our side.


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Classism: Woke Culture’s One Inclusivity Failure